Culture : Up The Identity And Personality Of An Individual

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Parenting Styles
Jacqueline Bonner
February 04, 2015

Culture makes up the identity and personality of an individual. Every individual has their own culture implanted in them from the community in which they live, the family in which they grew up and the personal identity people have given them in the overall society. The individual’s personal views, aspects of reasoning and judgment and their general logical thinking as an individual are affected significantly by their culture. In this aspect, the entire well-being of a person depends greatly on his or her culture. Becoming aware of how your actions and cultural beliefs affect you is important. We must assess ourselves regularly because an action or a mere word done or spoken can be misunderstood coming from other cultures Ethnic groups are a group of people associated with a specific race such as Caucasian, Indian, African American, Latino, Mexican, Hispanic and Asian etc. Ethnic replaces the terms, white, black, brown or yellow with Caucasian, Indian, African American, Latino, Mexican, Hispanic and Asian and are seen by their culture, not necessarily their biological race or skin color. It is important to develop an ethic identity, it helps you come to terms with you ethnic connection as a visible group and significant part of your overall identity. Ethnic identity of a mutual group of individuals is constantly validated and reinforced in a positive manner whereas the…
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