Culture War By Morris Fiorina

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In the book, Culture War by Morris Fiorina, his political stance on Americans not being polarized has not been caused by a growing significance of the political parties today, rather a change in the government over the years. He believes that the two parties, Democrat, and Republican are the most polarized while the public is not. Abramowitz argues that there is no polarized relationship between the American people and the political parties. He believes the polarization is reflected through those who are politically informed and those who are not. While recognizing both of these views, Fiorina and Abramowitz will give us background knowledge on why America is or not polarized and what are the misconceptions that shape that further…show more content…
It demonstrates that the media is profoundly biased and looks for anything to keep America divided. Fiorina argues the people’s choices are polarized, not their position. This is based on the voter’s choice and the candidate’s position of who they are voting for. Fiorina examines many issues that are misconceptions about why America is not polarized. First, we have to recognize why Fiorina believes that Americans are not polarized, he thinks that there is no divide in America although, there is a great separation between the two parties and their beliefs. However, Americans are reasonable when it comes to their views. For instance, red, and blue states, he believes that aren’t many differences between the two. Most if not majority of those who identify themselves as Democrat or Republican are moderate. Fiorina offers us an example, Table 3.4 offered varies ideas one being,” Is the government almost always wasteful and inefficient” (Table 3.4, 39). Red States were about 44% while blue states were 39%, both were very similar, or another example is “ discrimination main reason blacks cannot get ahead” (Table 3.4, 39). Red was 21% while blue was 25%, again very close. Consequently, there isn’t much difference when it comes to red and blue states, they are both relatively equal. Another example is abortion, one of the many issues that America
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