Culture War Summary

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Around the world, different states have similar beliefs to other states. It is believed that there is a culture war between those states because of their beliefs. A culture war is a conflict between different groups with different beliefs, ideas, and philosophies. In the book, Culture War by Morris P. Fiorina, he talks about how there is no such thing as a culture war. I fully agree with him because people beliefs are not as different as they make them seem. In chapter one, Fiorina talks about the culture war. The culture war is a conflict between two groups about their different beliefs and practices. Fiorina strongly believes that there is no such thing as a culture war. He thinks it has to do with misinterpretation. One of the examples he…show more content…
Like the abortion issue, he says that it has been on people’s mind but not as much as abortion. Decades ago, Americans didn’t like homosexual relationships and wanted it to be illegal. Fiorina also states that the people considered it to be immoral to and their lifestyle. Comparing the two issues together, Fiorina says that there is not a big difference on how people think about abortion and homosexual relationships. People views on gay marriage are not that different as well. Fiorina says Americans still don’t accept it but they also don’t support a constitutional amendment to be able to ban it. He also says that as more generations come to the world, the more accepting the people are to homosexuals. I agree with what Fiorina has to say in chapter six. Like the issue on abortion, people are also not fine with homosexuality. When it comes to religion, some people think it shouldn’t even be legal when a man and a man get married. They don’t thinks it’s okay because it is not what they are taught and since it is not in the bible, it is also not okay. They believe god created us a certain way and that is the way it is supposed to be. I don’t believe that because the world itself is changing. Just because people are sometimes afraid of change, doesn’t mean change is not going to
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