Culture and Communication

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Culture and communication One aspect the profoundly informed my daily life and impacted on my life as a whole is the Christian life. At home I used to attend the Sunday service at church without fail. That greatly shaped my view of the world and the moral standards and even interaction with other. It became more like a culture that I walked in and lived in my daily life. Currently, I am not able to continue with the regular attending of the church services due to work that keeps me engaged, I have to do it for a living here. However, this has not drained all the impact religion had on me. It shaped the communication pattern that I used. I used different language pattern and word choice for talking to the varied audience, for instance predominantly polite language and official words while talking to elders and casual language while talking to peer. The other cultural thing is my language. This is an inheritance that I had from the family background that I was brought up in. We were brought up speaking in Spanish hence we used almost no English language. This has come a long way to affect my communication capability here. I have a hard time expressing a simple thing since my English is not as good as for those of my peers. In our culture, it is quite often to find people talking and involving touch in their conversation unlike here in America. While doing introductions, people greet with two hands and touch the back of the other person's right hand (Kwintessential, 2013).
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