Culture and Development

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Culture and Development Paper Tiffany Arthur EDU/305 University of Phoenix Instructor Cari Cephus April 9, 2012 Culture and Development Paper In today’s world, there are many different cultures. Culture is part of an infant/child’s development. The infant/child’s culture helps them develop into who they become when they are adults. A person’s culture has influence on their eating, sleeping, and everyday activities. In this paper, the factors that make up a person’s culture, how the culture influences infant and toddler development, and whether nature or nurture has a stronger influence will be discussed. There are many factors that make up a person’s culture. Culture is not just a person’s race or ethnicity. Some factors…show more content…
In the United States an infant usually sleeps alone by the time they are only a few months old while in other countries the infant sleeps with their mother until the time when they are toddlers. (McNulty, 2003) I believe that nature and nurture both are equally important and influential on an infant and toddler’s development. I believe that both play equally because it is nature that determines an infant’s genetic factors such as eye color, hair color, shape of their nose, their height just to name a few. Nature also determines an infant’s susceptibility to certain diseases. Nurture plays just as important role in infant development. If a child is shown love and support they will be more than likely to grow up treating other individuals the same way. How a child is nurtured is how the child’s personality is going to be, in my opinion. If a child is grown up around arguing and fighting, then that child has a more chance of growing up thinking that is the way people are supposed to be treated. As stated in this paper, culture and development go hand in hand with each other when pertaining to an infant or toddler. It is important to show children that they are cared for and loved. It is also important for the child to know that they do have choices in life. Reference McNulty, J. (2003, March 24) New book shows how culture shapes human development. Retrieved from Zion, S.,
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