Culture and Frog Legs Essay

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HOW TO WRITE A NONPROFIT BUSINESS PLAN? 5 What is your opinion about eating toasted ants, about eating fried frog legs, about eating puppies and kittens? About eating raw monkey brains? If you were reared in U.S. society, more than likely you think eating frog legs is okay; eating ants is disgusting, and eating dogs, cats, and monkey brains is downright repugnant. How would you apply the concepts of ethnocentrism and cultural relativism to your perception of these customs? Using your textbook and additional resources, write a two - three page paper addressing the issues of cultural diversity and diet. Be certain to use all three major sociological theories - functionalism,…show more content…
Functionalism or the Functionalist Theory is a system used by cultures which concentrates on and emphasizes the functional interactions of cultures and societies, i.e why and how certain rituals, daily chores etc. are performed within societies. It makes generalizations which are employed to explain and predict social phenomena. I can say people generally eat what they have eaten since a child, what everyone else eats around them. Americans are used to raising cats and dogs as domestic animals, stepping on ants, and frying frog’s legs. Things are different in different countries and habits will dictate over taste. Ethnocentrism involves judging other cultures against the standards of one's own culture. Norms within a culture frequently translate into what is considered “normal,” so that people think their own way of doing things is “natural.” These same people also judge other people's ways of doing things as “unnatural.” In other words, they forget that what may be considered normal in America is not necessarily so in another part of the world. A potentially problematic form of ethnocentrism is
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