Culture and Heritage of Bangladesh

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1. Human being is the God's best creation. So is the Human Resource (HR), the best of all the resources that a country might possess. 'People' is one of the four constituents of any state, without it there would be no state. As the number of the people goes high, the state also becomes wealthier, provided that, this resource is managed properly to suite the requirement of the state or the country. HR is however the most important resource of any country. Like any other resource HR is also to be utilized amicably for the economic and overall development of any country. Otherwise, this may in turn become a burden instead of an asset of a
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Few NGOs like the Grameen Bank and Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) are also investing to promote these sectors.[8]

(2) Land Reforms. Government already took steps to land reform and land management programme and distributing land among the landless. This will not only ensure the proper utilization of unused land area, it will also encourage people to planting and forestation that in the long run balance the environment.[9]

(3) Employment During Agricultural Off Season. Appropriate programmes may be taken to employ villagers during the off seasons within their area to ensure their migration to the urban areas for temporary employment. It is observed that many of them do not return to their original jobs once they step in to the urban areas.

c. Development Works in the Rural Areas. In Bangladesh more development works take place in the urban areas. Therefore, the labour force is more directed towards the urban areas. Therefore the government should build more communication and other facilities and infrastructure in the rural areas. This will in turn create job opportunities in the rural areas as well hold the movement towards urban areas.

d. Promoting Small and Cottage Industries. There are many small and cottage labour intensive industries that can be installed in the rural areas.. Small and
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