Culture and Structure

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Some form of organizational culture and structure exist in every organization. Successful organizations are often credited with having an appropriate organizational culture and/or structure in place that allows them to reach success. Many companies can believe that they have the needed structure in place to assure success; yet they fail where others succeed. Some work very well, and some just do not work at all. For any organizational culture and structure to function properly, it seems as though alignment within the organization towards these end goals is necessary. In organizations, upper management determines the company vision (its desired end state) as well as its mission and strategy to achieve this ultimate goal. The ability of an…show more content…
As the organization 's culture matures, employees will learn the pivotal values and norms from the organization 's formal socialization practices and from the signs, symbols, stories, rites, ceremonies and organizational language that develop informally. Organizational culture is shaped by the interaction of four main factors: the personal and professional characteristics of people within the organization, organizational ethics, the nature of employment relationship, and the design of its organizational structure. These factors work together to produce different cultures in different organizations and cause changes in culture over time. Green River 's culture can change if it alters its organizational structure and empower self-managed teams. Mechanistic structures give rise to very different sets of norms, rules and cultural values than do organic structures. In a flat decentralized structure, people have more freedom to choose and control their own activities, and desirable instrumental values include being creative or courageous and taking risks. Thus, an organic structure is likely to give rise to a culture in which innovation and flexibility are desired terminal values (George & Jones, p.547). For a change initiative to be successful, careful consideration, long-range planning, which includes an informed
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