Culture in Britain

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Culture is how groups of people live in society according to their religion, custom or belief. This influences attitudes, values and behaviour. Each culture varies, having differences, such as, language, norms, values and expectations. This can be demonstrated in lots of ways, for instance, types of clothes worn, food eaten, wedding ceremonies and celebrations. Cultures normally have traditions that have been followed for centuries. For example, in Africa it is common for the groom or his family to pay the bride’s family, a bride-price, in exchange for her ‘labour and reproductive powers’ (Cardwell, 2001). Britain consists of four countries with traditionally two languages, English and Welsh, but having many different accents from…show more content…
Done by following five guidelines, Yama, meaning control, Niyamas, steps for good life, Dharma, law codes, Puranas, moral messages and lastly by following spiritual teachers. Most Hindus are vegetarians, believing animals should be free to live life. The cow is protected as considered a symbol of hope as it gives so much. Marriage is considered a union of two families so parents decide and arrange the marriage. Often, the couple only meet at the engagement and fall in love later. Weddings are elaborate, lasting weeks where brides hands are henna painted and she wears red, pink, cream or gold. A bindi, red spot, painted between her eyebrows represents marriage and a guardian of family. Couples normally live with the groom’s parents. Hindus believe in reincarnation, so bodies are cremated to release the soul (atman) and ashes are taken to be scattered on the River Ganges. Karma is the law of birth, death and rebirth. Each good action means the soul is a step closer to moksha (freedom) with Brahman whilst every bad a step further (Macdonald, 2005). Buddhism originated from India, following Guru Buddha and his teachings (dharma) of the symbol of the wheel of life, which represents birth, death and rebirth. Greed, hatred and confusion stands in the way of breaking the cycle and reaching Nirvana. To conquer the cycle the middle path has to be followed. This can be achieved by chanting, meditating and being kind to others.
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