Culture in Urban Schools - Paper on the Movie Precious

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Culture in Urban Schools
SOSE 3306
Final Exam

Directions: Choose movie from the list below to answer the following questions. Answer the questions within the framework of the Culture in Urban in Schools 3306 class. Each question is 20 points each.

Suggested Movies or Books:

Slumdog Millionaire
Freedom Writers
The Secret Lives of Bees
Save the Last Dance
To Kill a Mockingbird

Name of Movie: _____________________Precious___________________

1. Describe the movie/book setting by using Sociocultural Theory. Look at the dominant and marginalized groups, the structural inequality of the systems in the story, and the power/privilege of the characters. How does the author tell their story or stories?
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This was advice lived because Mary avoided work by scamming the public assistance program.

Blu Rain (Claireece’s alternative school teacher). Claireece’s alternative school teacher offers hope and fills the social and emotion voids in Claireece’s life. Blu goes beyond classroom curriculum to reach Claireece. She pushes Claireece to begin to learn to read and write and to open up and become vulnerable. Blu opened her home to Claireece, exposed her own controversial lifestyle to her and displayed unconditional love to her. Blu also struggled to find Claireece somewhere to live when she finally left home. Blu’s cultural identity is seen in her relationship, and her personal and professional morals.

3. Are the characters using their culture to acculturate, assimilate, or isolate from the dominant culture?

Claireece’s used her culture to acculturate from the dominant culture. This was practiced at home for reasons of self preservation. She took on traits of her mother to appease her and attempt to lessen the episodes of abuse. In society, Claireece’s used her culture to isolate herself. She often commented about loneliness and feelings of isolation.

Claireece’s mom, Mary used her culture to assimilate from the dominant culture, all for the purpose of obtaining public assistance. She used her dominance over Claireece’s to manipulate the system of the dominant culture and used it to her
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