Culture in the UAE

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1. How would you describe the prevailing culture in your country to a stranger from another land, in terms of the nine GLOBE project dimensions? (I stay in UAE) The culture of majority of the native dwellers of UAE is quite intricate and wide such that summarizing it in simple few pages would be a fallacy; however there are some outstanding tenets that are fundamental in defining the culture here as stipulated by the GLOBE project. The nine measures that are used to measure or a as dimensions of culture are Assertiveness, Future orientation, Gender differentiation, Power distance, Societal collectivism, Individual collectivism, Performance orientation and Humane orientation. The culture in the UAE as concerns assertiveness is noted to be high value on assertiveness as this society encourages toughness, competitiveness and assertiveness. This is the reason why they have a general trend of venturing into the almost impossible kinds of architecture as well as standing their grounds when it comes to international politics. This is as a result of the assertive culture that is embedded in them in their early years of childhood. In terms of future orientation the UAE has a great consideration for the future and all activities that are planned must consider the future first rather than the short terms. There is eminence given to futuristic thinking, a culture that led to the formation of Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) which is a future oriented organization
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