Culture is a Mean of Social Control: Theodor Adorno

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His main idea that the society is simply divided by a base-superstructure model and that the economy influences everything from religion to politics, referred to as economic determinism, is challenged by Adorno’s thought. Therefore, the Frankfurt school is part of the neo-Marxist approach as they interpret and add new things in Marx’s ideas. The fundamental feature in Adorno’s idea is that the culture is a mean of social control and is transformed to product for the society to consume, in addition to the economic determinism, explained by Marx.

forming social consciousness

As it is well known culture is what defines every society and it is unique. According to the thinkers from the Frankfurt School precisely this aspect is the one that resounds the ideologies of the capitalists to promote and to instill them in order to dominate over the society. This notion could be explained by the the nature of the concept “culture”.

Also, consumerism has become a mean of social control, as it was mentioned about the culture. And because culture has become a commodity it is mass produced because the demand for it has increased. Adorno was a part of the thinkers, who found a connection between

Culture has a huge part in globalisation because there are certain big media companies, which promote same ideas, which are spread through the media…
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