Culture is a Power Tool Used in Literature

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Culture is an undeniable force that shapes our identity by influencing people in their behavior and their actions. Culture is so powerful and influential that it is now an essential tool writers use in their novels to send a powerful message. In the play Macbeth, playwright, Shakespeare, introduces the plot base of a tragic hero. The author, Chinua Achebe, models his main character of Okonkwo in the novel, Things fall apart, off of Shakespeare's famous character Macbeth for the purpose of highlighting culture. The idea of a tragic hero is clearly defined in Shakespeare's play Macbeth and in Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. Both the characters, Okonkwo and Macbeth, have the same tragic flaw, which is a fear of weakness. The idea of a tragic hero, which is encompassed by a tragic flaw, is first to be set up by Shakespeare. Macbeth’s fear of weakness is set forth by his wife, Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth portrays herself at the beginning of the novel as more of a man than Macbeth himself. She signals Macbeth to take control his own fate as king and kill Duncan to insure this happens. Macbeth shows his sign of weakness by almost backing down, but, when Lady Macbeth tells him, “But screw your courage to the sticking place and we’ll not fail” (23), he is pressured to follow through with the act because of his fear of looking weak. Macbeth feels a boost of power after getting away with this act that he is convinced he will ensure his success. His tragic flaw is further developed when
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