Culture of Ecuador and the Glapagos Islands

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Culture of Ecuador and the Glapagos Islands
Meghan Lazor

Ecuador is South America’s second smallest country and is regarded as one of the most geographically and ethnically diverse countries on the continent. The Galapagos Islands are part of Ecuador with a small population of only 10,000 people. Both culture-rich countries are largely uncharted, making them an exciting and adventurous place to visit. Ecuador is located in the northwest corner of South America with the Galapagos Islands to the west. The equator runs across the country which is what gave Ecuador its name. The variation in climate transfers into the lifestyle of its people causing a large range of cultures throughout the country. The diversity in geography for both
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Children grow up with a moral responsibility for helping the family. Ecuadorian people tend to perform actions that benefit the whole as a group rather than focusing on one's self. The culture focuses on the idea that it is better to grow as a together rather than living separated. Unlike in much of the west, where the elderly are often placed in care facilities, elderly Ecuadorians will often live with one of their children. Godparents are also far more important in Ecuador than in other western countries, and they are expected to provide both financial and psychological support to their godchildren. Ecuadorians with marital troubles will often ask their godparents for advice (Weistmantel, 89) Girls tend to be more protected by their parents than boys, due to traditional social structures. At age 15, girls often have traditional parties called fiesta de quince años. Quinceañera is the term used for the girl, not the party. The party involves festive food and dance. This coming of age or debutante party is a tradition found in most Latin American countries, comparable to the American tradition of sweet sixteen parties. (92)
The streets of the more populated areas are filled with marketplaces containing a variety of local food straight off the farm along with hand stitched items and herbal remedies. Since fish is one of the main exports in these two areas, its obvious that seafood one of the most common ingredients in dishes. The most basic

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