Culture of Proctor and Gamble

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Our Values and Policies


P&G Our Values and Policies

P&G Our Values and Policies


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Introduction Letter from the CEO Hierarchy of Company Ethics Principles Our Purpose Our Values Our Principles Our Policies A. Respect of Government and the Law 1. Compliance With Legal Requirements 2. Accuracy of Company Books and Records • Books and Records • Disclosure Controls • Internal Controls 3. Securities Trading 4. Antitrust Policy and Compliance Guidelines 5. Lobbying 6. Political Contributions and Related Policies 7. Transacting International Business B. Respect in the Workplace 1. Behavior in the Workplace 2. Child Labor and Worker Exploitation 3. Wage and Hour Practices 4. Safety, Health and Environmental •
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This booklet provides summaries of important policies for business conduct that are based on P&G’s Values and is a companion to our Worldwide Business Conduct Manual. This manual reminds employees that, while we value business results, we place equal value on how we achieve those results. We will not tolerate illegal or unethical behavior. No single set of rules can provide explicit guidance for every situation that may be faced by a complex global Company such as P&G. So ultimately, P&G relies on every employee to use good judgment in everything he or she does. We all must remember P&G’s values and policies. We all should ask questions of our leaders or responsible staff whenever in doubt as to the appropriate course of conduct. It is in this spirit that we provide this booklet, P&G Our Values and Policies. By acting consistently with these guidelines, we can each do our part to assure that P&G earns its reputation as a company which conducts its business with the utmost integrity.

A. G. Lafley
Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive

4 Hierarchy of Company Ethics Principles
P&G Our Values and Policies

PVP, Corporate Policies, Worldwide Business Conduct Standards, Operating Policies/Procedures/Practices.
Definitions and Relationships to Each Other
Purpose Values Principles (PVP) Purposes/Values/Principles (PVP)
Definition: A high-level statement of our Company's statement of purpose, the core values and principles we

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