Essay about Cultures Affecting Our Daily Lives

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Cultural differences effect many aspects of our daily lives. With the many different cultures embedded in the United States, it is important that everyone has an understanding and respect for the melting pot that is encountered daily in our communities, workplaces and schools. "Culture is not an exotic notion studied by a select group of anthropologists in the South Seas. It is a mold in which we are all cast, and it controls our daily lives in many unsuspected ways... Culture hides much more than it reveals, and strangely enough what it hides, it hides most effectively from its own participants." (Hall) The United States populated from the beginning with people from different cultures. There were Irish, German, Italian and…show more content…
Today with all the multicultural shopping opportunities people of all backgrounds patron other culture groups businesses. Multicultural businesses affect our lives by giving us opportunities to experience different market places and learn a different traditions or ways that make our lives more productive. The workplace has become one of the biggest multicultural settings. Almost half of the work force in the United States is made up of minorities. There are many advantages to having this percentage of people from different cultures throughout our workplace. One is the increase in creativeness. Not only in products that are being created but in the developing of an approach to solving problems. "Other cultures can offer insightful alternatives" (EthoConnect). Another way in which the workplace is affected by this is in productivity and attitudes. When people of all cultures pull together to reach a common goal there are less limited boundaries and there are more global understanding that are used to help reach the world's market place; creating a larger market for products. With this change in productivity in the workplace is more desirable and enjoyable for all employees. The market place has become more global based that workers having a diverse culture base is very important to break down barriers in language and knowledge of certain markets. This affects our lives by more companies hiring more international job seekers. The American
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