Cultures Are What Impact And Shape The Structure Of A Civilization

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Brittany Shapiro
Professor Marilyn Tarnowski
HUM 2210
3 October 2016

Cultures are what impact and shape the structure of a civilization. They are how the traditions, and ways of life that a civilization would adapt to. In aspect of that, the artifacts of a civilization display the changes the changing that have occurred through time. Granted that, artifacts are ways of preserving the cultural history of a civilization and to show respect in regards to these hidden treasures of knowledge.
With this in mind, would preserving the artifact would include exporting any artifacts back to the region of origin? If so, what if the government or civilization might not properly take care of the artifacts or if the museum is not secure enough for the artifacts to be returned?
In regards of those questions, the head of the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China, Luo Shugang has requested the return of two artifacts that currently reside at the Nelson-Atkin Museum of Art in Kansas City Missouri. The two artifacts in question are a ritual disk (bi) with dragon motif from the Zhou dynasty, and a model of a house from the Han dynasty. These two artifacts would be shipped and ultimately go to the Palace Museum of the Forbidden City, located in Beijing China. In regards of Luo Shugang and the research done on the situation, I would have to respectfully decline his request on concerns of standards of the museum, the risks involved of transporting the artifacts, and the…
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