Cultures Showing Respect and Honor

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Attention Getter: Have you ever thought what other cultures do for traditions when it comes to showing respect and honor to the one that has died? The Hmong have many traditions that may surprise or even shock you.

Motivation Step: We love our family and friends and every culture will have some sort of funeral services to honor their loved ones passing on. The Hmong are no different.

Claim: A funeral service is personal and reflects a families beliefs, culture and traditions.

Preview step: During this speech I will be telling you traditions of the Hmong culture that are different than the ones in America. But in the end they are traditions that show honor and respect to our loved ones who died.

The cultural traditions of Hmong funerals goes way back to Asia. More particularly Laos. However there have been some changes in the practices with those Hmongs living in the United States. Some things that have changed or even done away with.

It was this past fall that my mother’s father, or my grandfather passed away. I will tell you of the traditions that we do and how they differ from some of the old traditions of the past. First off one thing that you will need to know is that our funeral services will last three to four days. Old traditions say that a funeral service should last about seven days. Not only do the services last many days the family stays up for those days without sleep or at
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