Essay Cultures and Co-Cultures

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Cultures and Co-Cultures
By: Anna Skidmore
Delta College

A Culture is the language, values, beliefs, traditions, and customs people share and learn according to Larry Samovar and his colleagues (2007). Culture includes two different groups called in-groups which are groups that you identify yourself with and out-groups which is a group of people we view as different (Frings & Abram, 2010; Quist & Jorgensen, 2010). Examples of culture is the foods we eat, holidays we celebrate, the type of music we listen to, or even how we address someone. A co-culture is groups of people banded through beliefs, values, behaviors, and a culture inside a larger culture (Ober & Spellers, 2005). Being a member of a co-culture can be a
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Just like it is in most American families. Co-cultures are just like a branch off of a culture. In the case of the culture that I am part of, being a teenage would be a co-culture. Since I am a teenager of the American culture it means that my age is between 13 and 18. Life as a teen is hard at this time because of either going into high school, trying to figure out which college to attend, or maybe even it is just the nerves of not returning back to school after your senior year. Teens are very social and always hanging out with their friends. Family starts to become a little less important. Teens start to believe that they are always right and start to get lippy to their parents so problems start to appear in the parent child relationship. Another co-culture that I am a part of is being in Student Council at school. As a member of Student Council it is a tradition that we all come together every other Tuesday for a meeting. At said meeting we all discuss stuff that is happening at school and what we believe should happen in the future to make it better. We have all joined this club because we have something in common and which is wanting to help others in our school and community. Intercultural Communication is the process that occurs when members of two or more cultures or co-cultures exchange messages in a manner that is influenced by their different cultural perceptions and symbol systems, both verbal and
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