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“Bangladesh is one of the world’s youngest nations. Historically it has been part of India and has been reborn twice, once as East Pakistan and again as Bangladesh” (“Cultures of the World: Bangladesh” 1). This has shown that even though it’s one of the youngest nations, it has been through a lot and has experienced a lot. The environment, religion, arts, leisure, and food are what make Bangladesh the wonderful place it is.

Bangladesh’s outlook for the environment is unwelcoming. Severely degraded is the result of the aquatic and floodplain ecosystems. Due to siltation, the process by which a path or channel is gradually choked or obstructed with silt, has made the wetland ecosystems lose connections with larger water bodies. “Poverty
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Two percent of the country’s total area is covered by protected areas. There are six national parks and one reserve in Bangladesh. The environment is important to the Bangladeshis and they rely on religion to get them through their struggles.

The Islam religion is what Bangladesh was created on making it a Muslim country. Eighty-three percent of the population is Muslim and that makes it one of the largest Muslim communities in the entire world. Sixteen percent of the population practices Hinduism while Buddhists and Christians and other tribal religions are the other one percent. “Islam came into existence in A.D. 610, when a man named Muhammad first preached a series of divine revelations to the people of the Arabian city of Mecca. His words were believed to have been told to him by the angel Gabriel, and he was accepted by many as the Prophet of God” (Whyte 84). After Muhammad’s death in A.D. 632, all his inspired speeches were put into the Koran, the book of Islam. This is what helped spread the religion of Islam around the world. The five pillars of Islam is the most important thing to the Muslims and must be followed. They are as follows: 1) Shahadah, the testimonial prayer that states the central belief of Islam – there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet. 2) Salat, the daily prayer recited five times: at sunrise,

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