Cultures of Uzbekistan and Georgia

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Introduction 2
The insights of Georgian culture 3
Wine Production in Georgia 5
Cultural Analysis 7 Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions 7 Hall’s Context Dimension 9 Laurent 10
Uzbek Culture 11
Wine Production in Uzbekistan 12
Cultural Analysis 13 Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions 13 Hall’s Context Dimension 15 Laurent 15
Conclusion 16
Recommendation 17
Bibliography 18
Appendix 23


Culture is perceived to be one of the difficult words to define and anthropologist Margaret Mead termed culture as being ‘shared patterns of behavior’ (Schneider S. C., and Barsoux J., 2003, 2nd ed., pg21). Culture is also defined by language, religion, beliefs, customs, cuisine, dress code, literature, music etc., and is known to act
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In comparison to other cultures, the business culture in Georgia is indubitably considered to be lacking extensive formality. Georgian entrepreneurs shake hands, both upon greeting and leaving, which should usually be induced by those who are of higher status and important positions. In addition, they are a relationship orientated culture, meaning that they concentrate on the people that are involved and their feelings rather than concentrating on the task on hands or known facts. Georgians freely exert emotions when communicating, be it excitement or disappointment, and have a propensity to look from sensitive point of few when forwarding complex information (Goderdzishvili, N.). As Nikas informed eye contact is usually maintained to both define the importance of message and express trust. When in the business meetings, the guests are expected to introduce themselves giving full background information and share their experiences.

Wine Production in Georgia

Another unique interpretation of wine production in Georgia is “passport to civilized world” ( Wine is obviously the most valued asset of Georgians due to the fact that wine industry is the tourist attraction, which brings about booming results in both tourism sector and economy of the country. It’s also been claimed that the tourism
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