Cumberland Metals Case

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1 We recommend Cumberland Metal Industries capitalize on their evolving position as a leader in the curled metal industry and effectively launch their new curled metal cushion pads to be positioned as the “new industry standard” in the pile driving market. In order to successfully launch this product, we first and foremost recommend that CMI acquire a patent to prevent this product from being copied and imitated, thus avoiding the entry of competitors. The associated value and advantages of CMI’s metal cushion pads are evident from the results of the two comparative performance tests by Colerick and Fazio. CMI pads drove piles 33 percent faster than asbestos per hour and lasted the entire job while also eliminating the downtime required…show more content…
We encourage CMI to identify the top contractors and dispatch sales representatives to educate these companies on the benefits of the new CMI metal cushion pad in comparison to what is currently being offered in the market (asbestos pads). The sales representatives can use the results from the Colerick and Fazio tests to demonstrate the advantages of switching to CMI metal pads. Allowing them to test the product before paying will only improve brand reputation and overcome price objections. We know they are very interested in making money, thus we can assume they are interested in saving as much time and money as possible throughout each pile driving job. Contractors bid on job contracts by estimating the amount of time it would take to drive the specified piles the distance required, and by utilizing the new CMI metal pads and simultaneously minimizing the associated time per job, these contractors can win more jobs and produce more efficient work overall. Once independent pile-driving companies such as Colerick and Fazio try the product and see the unique value and advantages that CMI pads offer, they can promote the product through word of mouth and by exemplary job execution which will in turn help aid in making CMI pads the new industry standard and most well-known pile-driving pad brand. 7 Knowing that some independent contractors will be apprehensive in switching to CMI metal cushion pads due to cost and lack of information on the value added benefits, we

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