Cummings And Love

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E.E. Cummings and Love
Love is a concept that continues to fascinate, frighten, and inspire the world, which has resulted in countless films, visual art, and literature that is based solely around it. Every other song playing on the radio or movie that comes to theaters will more than likely contain love related themes. The universality of love is what makes it so addictive, be it romantic or platonic. Human desire and longing tends to be translated into the arts, resulting in some of the most beautiful works ever crafted, the theme being so widely understood. The craft of poetry is considered to be so impressive because of the poet’s ability to condense a complex idea into a limited amount of words, and still get the message across to the
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On the other hand, many might not realize that this was intentional.
When scanning over one of his poems, the mere format of Cummings’ works can shock the reader, but when the poem is actually read, the impact of it is much more meaningful. In [i carry your heart with me(i carry it in], there are three main stanzas and single lines of text after the first and last full stanzas. This is not as “peculiar” as some of the structures of his many other poems, but when one delves into it they will begin to see his mark. In somehwere I have never traveled, gladly beyond, when skimming, it appears to have a normal poem format with five, four lined stanzas, but similar to the previous poem, Cummings’ trademark style can be found within the text. Both of these poems explore the feeling of being deeply in love with someone and the effects that come with this emotion. [i carry your heart with me(i carry it in] is shorter and uses less metaphors than somehwere I have never traveled, gladly beyond, but is just as effective with his employment of parentheses and word placement to personify the emotions he expresses in the poem. Some might even say that it is more straightforward and blunt than the other, because in somewhere I have never travelled, gladly beyond his thoughts seem to be less organized and somewhat scattered. The line “i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)” demonstrates his constructive use of punctuation well
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