Cuneiform : Images And Images

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“Emojis are Unicode graphic symbols, used as a shorthand to express concepts and ideas”(Kralj). Emoticons are basically little pictures that are sent through different types of messaging systems to express emotion after or before the sender types what he/she is saying. On the other hand, hieroglyphics were drawings that were strictly one type of communication. “The ancient Egyptians expressed their ideas in writing by means of a large number of picture signs which are commonly called hieroglyphics”(Budge1). These pictures were drawn to express emotion, sound, and description, that told the comprehender what the writing was saying. Hieroglyphics and emoticons were both pictures that displayed a message, but hieroglyphics were more complicated than emoticons. Hieroglyphics were strictly pictures that represented writing, therefore they had to be really elaborate to create no confusion as to what the drawings were saying. However, emoticons are very simple symbols that display emotions and objects. They are simple because when a writer is using them it is either supported with words or what the writer is trying to convey is so simple that an emoticon can be enough to get the message across. “Emojis on smartphones, in chat, and email applications have become extremely popular worldwide.”(Kralj) As time progresses, it is possible that emoticons can become more elaborate, such as hieroglyphics were to become more independent in communication. By comparing hieroglyphics
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