Cup Corporation Case Study

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CUP Corporation was one of the largest insurance firms based in Europe. It had a worldwide operation and was recently acquired by another major insurance company. The firm had made a series of acquisitions to broaden the types of insurance offerings and expanding the market needs. It sold a various forms of insurance in the health, life, casualty, property and automotive areas. Customer segments of the firm’s services are divided into two groups of agents and brokers as well as end-customers. Over the last couple of years, the growth of premium income in German industry is somewhat instable. The declining growth rates had affected German insurance industry due to some reinforcing trends:

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As an advisor to the project manager, Derrick Westmuller, what set of measures would you advise they adopt?

As an advisor to the project manager, Derrick can use a set of measures firstly in terms of organizational productivity and quality. Productivity is an overall measure of the ability to produce a good or service. In meeting organizational productivity and quality, CUP Corporation can use two types of measures like customer-focused measures and internal business process measures. These two types of measures are used to measure the services in terms of availability, operational activity, customer service, and quality. Organizations and individual work units want to be productive, so, they want to produce the most goods and services using the least input.

In the customer-focused measures, firm can use a sort of measures like customer satisfaction such as to address the number of customer complaints and reducing the numbers of customers cancelling contracts; customer retention that is to strengthen the relationship between customers and firm as well as customer loyalty which is to build trust between customers who are using the services and the firm who are providing the services. On the other hand, internal business process measures can be used by the firm in
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