Cupcake Central, Bakery A Successful Business

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Executive summary: Even though cupcakes are not life’s necessities, they have become popular because they symbolize one of life’s little luxuries for those of us who are on a budget. This market plan begin with a market challenge that is required to make the business of “Cupcake Central” bakery a Successful business. The main aim of “Cupcake Central” business to give cupcake a whole new dimension to get growth in both revenue and in size. We seek fair and reasonable profit, enough for the company to keep it financially healthy. The main mission is to make the business of cupcake company name “Cupcake Central” a unique business. We identified one main issue for this problem is differentiation strategy. As this bakery provide different…show more content…
The pastry maker continuously introduce a new and innovating flavors of cupcakes every Friday. It seems to be differentiating by both price and product. As it provide wide range of products to everyone and from as low as $2.50 for mini cupcake to high as $500 for corporate events. As cupcake is a product which require a consumption on the same day so it is essential for the business to make cupcake according to the average sale in a day. So production is done on the basis of the consumption of the product in a day as leftover is costly reputation ad cost wise and will affect the overall profit of the company. Therefore differentiation strategy is helpful for them and as also the cupcake business has more competitive in the market so it is the duty of the company to provide something different and unique to the customers to get the better place in the market. Therefore a concentration strategy in the market is more powerful for the company rather than differentiation strategy according to the product cost. So our marketing plan is mainly made on the basis of this strategy. 2. Marketing Plan Objectives: To create a viable cupcake business, plan to navigate a business at desired level. Goal should be like that reflect our desire to achieve the dream. In this company as we differentiate our product and focus on the achievement of high quality of product that satisfies the needs of the customers, the company market itself as a high quality product

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