Cupcake Dracula in Our Kitchen Essay

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Mom! Mom!- Sara shouted when she arrived home from school. She seem exited for something. Her mom went to the living room to receive her. She noticed Sara was wearing a new coat. It was a furry white jacket, it perfectly matched with her bright blue eyes, her blond straight hair, her really white skin and her pink lips that looked like two rose petals. She looked like a princes. -Oh! you have a new jacket!- said her mom. –It is really pretty! So tell me Sara, why are you so exited?-. –Mom, we are having a Halloween party tomorrow night in the grand salon! And guess what! You and I are making a lot of Halloween Cupcakes!- she said exited to her mom. She always went to her mom when it was about cupcakes, she was an expert making them and…show more content…
Was this possible? But, who did this? She rune down and into the kitchen hoping to see her mom, but nothing. She was not there but there was a note in the table with a knife on it, written in red letters said: YOUR BEST MOMENT CAN TURN INTO THE WOREST ONE… Cupcake Dracula. She didn’t know three things; were was her mother, what does that words mean and why are the cupcakes smashed all over the living room. She called her mom but there was no answer. She got scared. What should she do next? Call the police? Or the fire station? She took the note and read again. “Cupcake Dracula” who was him? or WHAT was he? She didn’t know, but need to. She called her boyfriend Pitter and told him to go to her house immediately. He lived 5 minutes from her house so he arrived quickly. She opened and they passed to the living room. –Why is your living room like this?- he asked. –I have no idea! This is why I called you. I need to know what is happening in here. Maybe in some book of history from this town they might be an explanation to this.- she said preoccupied. she dressed up and went to the library.
They searched for in every book of history from this town but they found nothing. So they asked to an old woman if she could help them with their problem and she took about a book. She opened it and in this page there was a big scaring vampire cupcake. And it said “YOUR
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