Cupcake business

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Introduction I conducted extensive market research and I have considered this project, because I found in my survey that having a cup cake shop is a lucrative business. The shop will specialise only in cupcakes. I have my own unique recipes. This is one of the things which is my strength. Not many people have their own unique recipes. To enable my business to prosper I have the notion of implementing special offers, which introduces the business to the customer. I am lucky enough to have found a good chef which works alongside me to create new flavours. The decisions about the recipes are made by me and the chef, but I have the final word. The structure of the business will be as a Sole Trader. This is the fastest and easiest way of…show more content…
Financial services – banks, accountants, solicitors, lawyers. The internet – in today`s days the people use internet most of the time. Social media sites are very popular and are also used as a place where you can advertise your business and generate customers. Summary My business would run at a profit if I attract my customers with special offers. This will include discounts for kids and elderly. Regular customers will also be entitled to get a discount for their loyalty. There will be various levels of discounts for corporate clients, depending on how much they order. Low prices and good quality will help me to generate a lot of customers. One of the foundations for starting up a new business is my unique recipes. They are designed by me, but the chef who is going to work with me helps me to prepare them. The recipes are a combination of unusual flavours and designs. This will also help me to attract new customers. The environment which I provide to the customers must be nice, clean and friendly. When people are in my cupcakes shop, I want them to feel relaxed and comfortable. The staff that I employ will be trained in customer service. They will be polite and respectful. Often teambuilding is helpful for developing a good relationship between the staff. They also can come up with new ideas, which can be discussed and put into action. I have a good location which is near a bus station, schools and few office buildings. The
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