Cupid Research Paper

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In Roman mythology Cupid is the god of affection desire and errotic love. His Greek counterpart is Eros, and he is the son of the Goddess Venus, who in Greek mythology was known as Aphrodite. Cupid is depicted as a boy with wings and an arrow and bow. Legend has it that whoever is shot by Cupid’s bow will be overcome with uncontrollable desire and lust. At first he was portrayed as a tall slender boy but he eventually began to be portrayed as a chubbier and smaller. This portrayal of Cupid is used today in American culture, the winged baby with a bow and arrow is seen as a symbol of love. He appears in many myths and legends as a playful mischief maker shooting unsuspecting victims with his arrows.
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In Greek mythology she was called Aphrodite. In mythology the Titan Saturn castrated his father Uranus and his blood fell into the sea, this blood made seafoam that Venus was born from. This is why Venus is famously portrayed standing on a sea shell. Venus had many lovers and children, she was unfaithful to her husband Vulcan, his Greek counterpart is Hephaistos. Vulcan and Venus had a loveless and childless marriage. A famous myth tells how Vulcan caught Venus cheating on him with Mars, also known as Ares the god of war. Venus had many children with Gods and mortals, and is depicted in countless artworks because of her beauty.
Diana is the Roman Goddess of hunting and wild animals, she eventually also symbolized the moon. Her Greek counterpart is Artemis, and like her Diana protected and cherished her chastity. Mythology says she has a twin brother Apollo, their parents are Jupiter and Latona. Diana is often depicted with a crescent moon on her forehead, a bow and arrow, hunting dogs, and deer. She disliked men and was vengeful if she felt she was threatened. Diana strengths included independence and physical strength, and her name means light or bright sky.
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