Cups Without Wine

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I found the poem, Cups Without Wine are Lowly, intriguing and fun. The author pulled me in with the tittle and kept my interest being short and sweet. An explanation how I would describe how this poem was written. What the author is trying to explain is how much they love wine and possible, if this was to an individual, how much they want that individual to get them wine. Maybe the author had an empty glass, or even a figurative glass. For me, wine has never cot my fancy. Yes, red wine in a glass is an elegant seen to behold, especially with fine cheeses and fancy attire. But every wine I have tastes has that fermented burning aftertaste as is runs down my throat. It is hard for me to imagine wine being so loved by so many. I understand wine…show more content…
Full is referring to a full cup of wine, another aspect that is intriguing is how the author describes wine as juice, downgrading the alcoholic beverage possibly to explain that wine is not that bad. Juice is made of fruits and berries making it a sugary healthy option. After degrading wine to the authors audience, they then share how the cup shines when it is full of wine. To our brain, things that shine tend to have higher value then things that absorb the light. This creates a visualization of beauty and wealth reflecting on how the author sees a cup of wine. The last word in this poem is soul. Showing how a cup of wine, not only show power, wealth and beauty, but also gives the cup life. What more do humans treasure then life itself. Countless books and movies have been written about immortality, youthfully appearance, and the struggle in looking young again. Looking back, this poem was all around fun to read and showed emotion in such a simple but complex way. I have found I enjoy poems that show emotion and induce thought. I am unsure of I could have written out frustration in such an elegant way, visualizing instead of just saying how it is. All together this poem was funny, short, and sweet, and I would love to read more works such as this
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