|Curbing Social Loafing in the Retail Environment | |

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|Curbing Social Loafing in the Retail Environment |
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Introduction Verizon Wireless is one of the major cell phone companies in the United States. According to its website, it has 73,000
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Literature Review Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Social Loafing: The Role of Personality, Motives, and Contextual Factors by Tan and Tan (2008) focuses on the relationship between organizational citizenship behavior, OCB, and social loafing. OCB is chosen because it contributes to productivity and effectiveness. Conscientiousness is identified as a predictor of OCB (Tan and Tan, 90). They suggest that a person lacking conscientiousness would be prone to social loafing. The lack of conscientiousness leads to undependable, less motivated behaviors. These are associated with social loafing. They also studied the relationship between OC and PV motives on social loafing. OC motives are desires to help one’s organization based on pride. PV motives are desires to help one’s peers. The lack of these motives results from not feeling like one’s actions are noticeable or when a worker feels they are surrounded by others who lack motivation. Tan & Tan suggest if OC and PV motives are high, social loafing will be less likely. They explore the contextual factors associated with social loafing. They highlight task visibility, task interdependence, group cohesiveness, and felt responsibility. Task visibility is defined as the extent to which one feels others see the effort they exert. (93) Tan and Tan expect that low task visibility would cause a person to use less effort based
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