Cure Tooth Decay : Heal And Prevent Cavities With Nutrition

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About seven months ago, I walked out of a dental office with a pretty serious quote for dental work that was needed to be done on 8 different cavities they found in my teeth. I was confused. I eat a pretty good diet. How could my teeth have cavities? I brush and I floss every day. How could this happen?

I told my dentist that I had heard about the “remineralization” of teeth and even curing tooth decay and cavities with certain staples in your diet, and asked him his opinion on the subject. Of course, like any conventional dentist, he had never heard of it. I’m pretty sure he even offered fluoride treatments at that point. After that, I stopped asking questions, scheduled an appointment to have all of the cavities filled, and left somewhat upset and unsatisfied.

When I got home, I began researching natural ways to heal your teeth. I read the book “Cure Tooth Decay: Heal & Prevent Cavities with Nutrition” by Ramiel Nagel, and learned about healing and remineralization of teeth with a good diet, and my mind was completely blown. I can actually heal my own cavities without spending thousands at the dentist? I can actually heal my cavities and remineralize my teeth with a proper diet? No more needles or drills in my mouth? Count me in!

To completely understand how to heal your own cavities, we need to look at what causes tooth decay.

Lack of Nutrition is the Root of Tooth Decay
Dr. Weston A. Price, who is a prominent dentist and author of “Nutrition and Physical…
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