Curfew Persuasive Essay

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Should the Curfew of Teens Move Down to 9 O’Clock? Do you want your mommy picking you up from a party at your friends because its past nine? Life after nine is when everything gets fun. The parties, the driving, and the fun; those are the things that could continue to happen if curfew stays later than nine. What happens if everyone can stay the night but your mom said no, the legal time for you to be home is nine. So if you leave later, you are “Breaking the Law” and risk getting a curfew ticket. Life before nine is so boring and everyone knows it. Teens start to have fun when everyone goes to bed. As long as they aren't putting themselves or anyone around them in any physical danger, then they should be able to hang out later than nine.Curfew…show more content…
All the teen activity that happens, usually happens during the night. Dan Macallair found out that curfews "had no discernible effect on youth crime.” Which means that even if the teens have a curfew doesn't mean they're not going to do teens things in the middle in the night. Some say that they find it more of a risk and more thrilling knowing that you can get in trouble for doing vandalism or something in the middle of the night and on top of that get a curfew ticket. So putting a curfew on the teens today and in the past have proven to do knowing to late night crime rates by teens. Teens work too. They take care of their responsibilities too. If they start working at four, then they have to get of at eight or eight-thirty, because they have to be home by nine. And if the teens are in after school activities then they have no time to work. Some teens that are seventeen now work until ten or eleven and they are happy because they are getting paid well. Adults say that teenagers need to take more responsibility in life, but then they say we should have early curfews that don’t allow us to go to work for very long during the school week days. Some families struggle to get by so the kid works to help their families pay the bills. So they need
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