Curiosity Journal: Observe Laughter

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Curiosity Journal: Observe Laughter For this experiment, I went to McDonalds, because that restaurant is known for promoting laughter and happiness. They even have an item that is called a happy meal, and their slogan is "Para Pa Pa I'm Loving it!". Therefore, I was expecting that I would get plenty of laughs across the board. My hypothesis was disproven as there were more females than males laughing. The theme of laughter that I found to be most prevalent was humor that comes from cute child behavior. There were plenty of families with plenty of children, but one couple in particular caught my eye because the mom was not laughing like the father was, because she was the one dealing with adult issues. Customers were not the only ones laughing, the employees in the kitchen, behind the cash register and on break laugh almost as much. Therefore, I concluded from the employee's laughs that they really enjoy their job, as I counted 7 laughs from the employees and 11 laughs from the customers. As the customers laughed they did use their whole body as Provine found in his research. I also notice that in a table full of ladies, the…show more content…
I also ended up partaking in the field research experiment when ordered my lunch, as I gave an awkward laugh as I got my in a situation that really grinds my gears because I ordered two filet-o-fish and the employee kept on pushing me to say "Let me get a McPick two". I was also so close from getting caught because of how suspicious my double entry looked. I was actually approached twice because people thought that my note taking was really interesting. I was somewhat nervous that I would get in trouble even if I was not being a stalker. I think that focusing so much on my note may have back fired on me, but a least they did not quite notice that my notes were about the people in the
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