Curiosity Project : Frida Kahlo

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Angela Godoy
Instructor Betsy Lohrer Hall
Curiosity Project
Art 300, Mon 1PM

Frida Kahlo Tragedy, a crippling experience many people endure in life, yet some give up and the courageous few fight back. Frida Kahlo exemplifies the strength required to express oneself openly and boldly, sharing her painful life through paintings. Kahlo is one of the most famous female painters from Mexico and is known for her mutilating, heartbreaking and courageous self-portraits of her life. Through her various paintings and self portraits, she has created a journal and self-biography of her life that will give her immortality and inspire future generations of artists. Frida Kahlo has become an icon of female creativity from her emotionally charged paintings of her life, unfortunate tragedies and battle of survival. Kahlo was never a woman of conventional ways. She was bold with her art and views of politics as well as being eccentric from what was expected of a female in Mexico.
A childhood for most adults is a time of enjoyment and freedom. Unfortunately that enjoyable time was shortened for Kahlo, molding her into the passionate, spirited artist the world has come to know. Kahlo was born in 1907 in a Mexican town called Coyoacán to Matilde Calderón and Guillermo Kahlo, who was also an artist. At age six Kahlo endured her first health upset that set the tone for the rest of her life. She contracted polio which crippled her right leg causing it to become

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