Being Done To Learn More About Mars

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What Research is Being Done To Learn More About Mars? There is tons of research being done right now, and research that has already been done in the past, which has contributed in exploring and learning more about Mars. NASA is attempting to advance the human race even more, and is continuing to provide for the United States. NASA is planning important missions that will advance our understanding of Mars further, and their current rover, Curiosity, is greatly contributing to exploration of the planet.
Curiosity Rover Exploration First of all, the Mars Curiosity Rover landing on Mars was already a big achievement in itself, yet it has achieved much more than that in its recent years on Mars. The Mars rover has climbed Mount Sharp, and while
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The Orion mission is very important to developing new technology and will be a big help. Soon, members of the Orion crew and other NASA scientists will be working together to redirect an asteroid so that it orbits the moon. Once this is done, astronauts from the crew will be sent to the asteroid to take samples of the rock. This will help NASA develop and test new systems and technology that can advance our understanding of Mars, and how to get there. Also, the International Space Station (ISS) will be a key factor to advancing our understanding of how to live on Mars. The ISS is a place where astronauts can stay in space for months, and this helps scientists figure out what physical changes the microgravity makes on people. Our understanding of physical changes to the body will help astronauts stay safe while on Mars, and this is thanks to the ISS. (“NASA’s Journey to Mars”, NASA).

This is a picture of water on Mars. This shows how hard humans are working on finding out more about Mars, and how hard they are working to find out if there is life on the planet. This picture was taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, proving that there are more than one different types of spacecraft exploring Mars. Multiple spacecraft also show that humans are working hard to uncover Mars’ biggest
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