Curious Incident Essay

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"Despite Christopher's difficulties it is his parent's actions we cannot accept" Do you agree? In the text "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time", Christopher Boone suffers from Asperger's syndrome, a mild form of autism (QUOTE). This means he can be sometimes a handful for his parents. It is because of his condition that his mother leaves and his relationship with his father breaks down. But its not just Christopher's fault his parents are having a hard time. They them selves make some bad decisions that lead to each of them feeling frustrated and even forcing themselves to do some morally bad things (QUOTE). It is these things that Christopher parents do that we, the readers, cannot accept, despite Christopher's…show more content…
Of course she writes to him every week or so, but the journey between London and Swindon is relatively short, just writing to him and not travelling to see him shows that even through she does care, she still thinks that she isn't needed and Ed is managing just fine with Christopher. (QUOTE) Ed Boone is Christopher's father, and is much less short tempered than his wife Judy Boone and is the parent who causes the most damage in the Boone family. For instance, when Judy leaves Ed and Christopher, to cover it up Ed tells Christopher that Judy died of a heart attack (QUOTE). This, when Christopher found out, had the biggest impact on him (QUOTE). Another action that Christopher's dad made was to murder Wellington and thus break Christopher trust combined with lying to him about his mother. This caused Christopher to run away from his father because he couldn't trust him and go in search of his newly-discovered mother. It is these actions that we cannot accept, Ed lying to Christopher about his dead mother and Ed hiding all the letters Judy sent to Christopher. These actions are both morally wrong and just not right, as Christopher has a right to know if his mother is alive or not. Also hiding the letters, it would have been much easier for Ed to have just told Christopher his mum is alive and shown him the letters etc. Because then Christopher would of continued trusting him and there wouldn't of been the big break down near the end. In

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