Curley 's Wife By John Curley

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We first hear about Curley’s wife when Candy Tells George about her, "He got married a couple of weeks ago. Wife lives over in the boss’s house, seems like Curley 's even cockier since he got married" Candy doesn’t seem to like the way Curley’s wife is making his job even more difficult. "She 's purty but she got the eye." She’s pretty but has the eye is basically saying that she tends to look for men that she could possibly flirt with, she 's given slim the eye and that seems to make the other guys nervous in case she makes Curley mad in which he will take his anger out on them. She seems untrustworthy a quote from George in the book is "Well I think Curley 's married a tart"
She seems untrustworthy because she is sneaking behind her husband’s back and it seems like she is purposefully trying to agitate him. It seems like quite unstable and rocky marriage marriage "Married two weeks and got the eye?" a quote by George shares our disbelief about Curley’s wife already being interested and showing attention to other men which would help us reach the conclusion that she is quite unhappy with the relationship. When Curley’s wife enters the bunkhouse in chapter two she is described as having “full roughed lips, wide spaced eyes, heavily made up and haired with curls like sausages” this makes her appearance to be quite sexualised as she is described as wearing red lipstick and nail varnish and red is a promiscuous colour. Her body language is quite also flirtatious
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