Curleys Wife Analysis

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Curly’s Wife
Curlys Wife is a very powerful and yet powerless character within the novel Of Mice and Men as Steinbeck uses her to reflect the prejudice against women in the 1930s since they had very little rights. Just from her title “Curlys Wife” she has no actual name, this shows that she is just Curlys property and powerless in the sense that she hasn’t got her own individual identity, only an identity through her husband, also she doesn’t have enough power to be called a ‘woman’ instead she is discriminated against and is called derogatory terms such as a “tart” when Slim first speaks of her to George by saying “I think Curly married a tart” showing no respect for her

From the beginning of when she is introduced in the novel she
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From the word ‘soft’ in the sentence “The sun streaks were high on the wall by now, and the light was growing soft” we are reminded of Curlys Wife’s soft velvet hair that Lennie liked and lost control with, taking us back to the seriousness of her death and feeling empathy for her character

To conclude, Steinbeck uses Curlys Wife to get the readers awareness of how much women were discriminated against in the 1930s and how lonely and isolated she was because of her being a female. She wasn’t seen as her own individual person but as a strand of someone else; her husband Curly. She used her best quality: her beauty to get the attention of the other guys on the ranch because she doesn’t like her husband Curly and had a dream to become a famous actress in the Movies. She went past the rule of staying away from Lennie because of her desire to be noticed and be listened to by someone, this then led to her death which added to the part of everyone’s dreams not coming
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