Curley's Wife Description

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Throughout most of the book Curley’s wife strikes us as a compelling and riveting character as we initially see her as a wicked character till those few seconds before she dies where you think, hey she might not be so bad after all. In the novel ‘of Of mice Mice and men’ Men’ Curley’s wife’s image is portrayed as a very sexual, flirtatious, cheeky and desperate. Steinbeck uses specific words, sentences and techniques to create the image of Curley’s wife as one that is very contrasting. Steinbeck creates contrasting representations of Curley’s wife using the phrase “and the meanness and planning and discontent and the ache for attention” with “were all gone.” The juxtaposition of the two phrases is used to show the reader that all her bad qualities and all her obnoxiousness has all been washed away and it has disappeared into thin air and we actually start to somewhat feel pity for this character that we had thought to be a “b***h” and a “tart.” The long sentence and syndetic listing actually emphasises…show more content…
The fear might be coming from the fact that she may have an unstable relationship and her husband and she might be afraid of her talking to the newbies in the ranch. This contrasts all of the bad qualities of her that we have ever had and make us feel, what if curly and her actually have an unstable relationship and what if she actually isn’t doing well with her relationship. Correspondingly the word used “brittle” is likely to mean that she is fragile and can be quite easily, or that she is quite likely to snap and get angry quite quickly. This is shown because brittle has many meanings/synonyms like fragile or easily broken but in Curley’s wife’s case you could think of her as fragile or short
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