Curley's Wife

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Curleys wife is one of the most interesting and complicated characters ( or maybe even more than one character within her) in the novella; of mice and men. Everything about her from her clothes to her personality to her dreams end up leading to her death and unfortunately the death of young Lennie. she is just a young woman seeking attention, feeling the only way she can receive it is if she throws herself at the men around the ranch. Curleys wife deserves all the attention she can get , however, in the 1930s things were a lot different to how they are now for women. In this essay I will be exploring the contrasting representations of Curleys wife and her character. perhaps underneath all the lies we can find a misunderstood, sensitive and…show more content…
At this point it is very hard for the reader not to be concerned and critical about this woman. The word ‘tarty’ makes the reader feel as though she flirts with other men even though she is married resulting in us not having any respect or empathy over her. Perhaps it was Steinbeck’s intention to introduce her that way so that later on we begin to feel sorry for her and understand why she feels this way. If we ,as readers, were introduced to her differently then maybe we wouldn’t judge her for being disloyal to her husband and maybe even understand the cause for this. Upon her arrival Steinbeck uses pathetic fallacy of the ‘rectangle of sunshine in the doorway was cut of’ this immediately sets a dark, hostile, clouded feeling and tone which reveals her dangerous side and how she cut of the warmth and light from the room. Despite Steinbeck warning us of her flirtatious side he refers to her as ‘a girl’, young and innocent. This is his first faint hint that not all is as it seems. Steinbeck also describes her as having ‘wide spaced eyes’ suggesting that she could possibly be scared or maybe even intense and seductive
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