Curling History

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Since curling was invented in the late medieval times, there is no specific inventor. The first written evidence appeared in Latin, by John McQuhin when he recorded a challenge about throwing stones across the ice between John Sclater, a monk at Paisley Abbey, Renfrewshire, and Gavin Hamilton, a representative in February of 1541. The report indicated that Sclater threw a stone along the ice three times before he agreed to a contest. This event took place in Scotland which is where curling first originated. Therefore, this is considered to be how curling began and, the people involved. The purpose of the game is to score points by getting your stones closer to the center of the house before the other team. The path of the stone is influenced…show more content…
Each player delivers two stones, in consecutive order at each end, while alternating with an opponent. Teams declare its delivery rotation, and the skip and vice-skip positions, prior to the start of a game and maintain that rotation and those positions throughout the game. If a player is missing at the start of a game, the team may either start the game with three players or use a qualified alternate. A team may not play with fewer than three players. In competitions where alternates are allowed, only one alternate can be registered and used in that competition. Each team has a total of eight stones and play up to eight ends, when you get into the higher tournaments you play ten ends. Ends are completed when all eight rocks from each team have been played. If the teams are tied at the end of the game, they keep playing to however many ends it takes to break the tie. Delivering is where the skip determines how much power they need, how much to rotate the stone, and the direction to throw. This process requires the skip to slide the stone down the sheet. Before the delivery, the surface of the stone and the path across must be wiped clean. Any dirt can slow and alter the shot. The thrower shoots the rock from the hack. The thrower’s shoes that don’t have a slider on it is placed in the hack. For example, if you’re a right- hand curler your right foot is placed against the left side of the hack. When in the hack the thrower lines the body up with their shoulders square to the skip’s broom at the other end of the sheet. Places the stone in front of the hack, and rises slowly pulling the stone back towards the hack. Then push off the hack into a lunge position, moving the slider foot in front and the other shoe behind. To help balance you have the rock in your good hand and, the free hand you have your broom. The stone is released by a clockwise or counter-clockwise twist from the handle, starting at two or ten o’clock and releasing
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