Current Agricultural Practices and Developments

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Current Agricultural Practices and Developments Introduction Several agricultural practices have been advanced in the world. One of the Advancements is that related to crop husbandry in apple production. Apple production through the naturalized methods has been deemed with low productivity and negative effects from the environment and other related avenues in the environment. In order to assure of increased productivity in the environment, it is necessary to make firm considerations of the fact that increased productivity is the main and urgent issue in the world. Therefore, many modification activities and processes have been involved in production of the apple crop and other farming activities in the world. The basic idea of making use of the natural and modified avenues is to assure increased productivity that does not have to be reliant on the general methods and avenues of productivity in the environment (Dris et al, 6-8). Varieties of breeds commonly used in modern agriculture and why Several breeds of the apple crop are used in modern agriculture. Some of the consideration made by growers in the market includes good-dessert quality, long shelf life, resistance to diseases and pest and tolerance to drought conditions besides high productivity. In the fifties, the green English Varieties-McIntosh, Baldwin, Jonathan, Cox's Orange Pippin, Golden Delicious, Black Ben Davis, and Pippins were predominant. Of late, the colored Delicious, group now occupies more than 83%
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