Current Art Vs Ancient Art

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Yazeed Alamri
Argumentation and Research
August 19/2015
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Current Art Vs Ancient Art
Since time immemorial, art has always been a product of man’s emotional and intellectual connection with the world. The primary aim of art is to create a message that will either trigger an inexplicable consciousness within the spirits of its audience, or provoke wisdom among the minds of the curious persons. Owing to its deep-rooted role for man, art has long been explored in several manners, with some scholars pursuing the mere aspects of art, while some take on deep comparative examinations. However, the act of connecting ancient art to contemporary art is not, as easy as taking into account, the time both came into existence. More so, how current artists perceive the ancient art, and how it influences their current works. There is a more precise, more diverse approach in understanding how ancient art measure up to the contemporary ones. The overall purpose of this research paper is to gain insight of the perception and attitude towards ancient art among current artists. To understand and complete this research topic, the paper will offer deep research, which will also include interviewing current artists with an aim of completing the set objectives. Nonetheless, current artists have the obligation to appreciate ancient art, so as to develop the act of appreciating art works in the society, including the works of current artists.

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