Current Attitudes Towards Child Rearing

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Our modern, first world reaction to hearing that children are involved in combat usually bring our thoughts to child soldiers in Africa or children caught up in fighting in the Middle East. When photographs of children in civil war uniforms are seen, we might automatically assume it was done in jest, and no such service was ever performed by children. If we assumed this, we would be wrong.
While 18 years was the official age for a combat position, many underage soldiers or supposedly “non-combat” musicians were otherwise in the middle of battle during the American Civil War. One estimation has that 20% of the conflict participants were under 18. This is not surprising as nearly half the population of the country at the time was under 19 years old.
Current attitudes towards child rearing are somewhat different in comparison to a few hundred years ago. Poorer children of the previous centuries were expected to support the family unit significantly, and given responsibilities to that end. It is not a far reach of the imagination that if a child could help support a family , they could help support their country as well. Parents still had the same desire to protect their children as we do today, but children in warfare was a concept that was not completely alien.
Our modern schools are very sensitive to children and the avocation of violence. They have been known to suspend students for biting their pop tart into a shape of a gun. Schools during the civil war…
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