Current Business Scenario And Projected Future Direction

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Current business scenario and projected future direction (common topic please edit into) In this case study, Gloria Londono a health care entrepreneur, owner of a few eldercare centers, Calidad de Vida as it is called, has dilemmas drifting at the forefront of her thoughts. Victor Serna an angel investor has offered her three million euros as an investment in her organization. In any case, Victor does not lean toward franchising and had informed Gloria that he would rather she open up new centers with direct possession and control. On top of that, he is requesting for twenty-five per cent stake, a board situate with voting rights on every single strategic decisions and option of liquidating his equities in the short term future of five…show more content…
A decent observing, talking expert is somebody who can promptly recognize moral issues, ready to comprehend and separate the ethical measurements in different circumstances and obviously recognizes the significance of having an open moral measurement to correspondence. It additionally includes having moral strength to state no when made a request to accomplish something that is deceptive and moral creative ability to see things fresh, predicting moral options that others don 't. Mission and vision of the business and For Gloria, she puts high significance on the four core value system to be honesty, enthusiasm, transparency and search for a common good. With these four core value system that she has set up, she has figured out how to make an interpretation of these temperance morals into standard working guidelines and center qualities for the association to maintain and to help them to remember her centers, she made all the employees carry a small card that has the rules and values with them. She has likewise thought of the brilliant principles for every one of her workers that express that relatives of customers are to be considered as customers as well. Based on this perspective, Gloria has grasped the non-consequentialism approach which comprises of ethicalness morals and the deontological points of view as held by Immanuel Kant. (Bertland, Alexander. 2009. Virtue Ethics in Business and the Capabilities Approach. Journal of
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