Current Case Study: Amazon Is An Innovative Online Store

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Question 1 answer: Amazon is an innovative online store which started in 1994 by selling e books, and then widened its services to sell others products such as electronics, apparel, furniture and etc. Amazon represents the three innovation models. It represents a product model like kindle fire tablet, which is a device offers 1215000 electronic books and a number of electronic newspapers mainly in English. Also it produces Fire TV, Fire Phone and is a major provider of cloud computing services. In addition, it offers Kindle application for Apple I phone, windows, mac OS X, Android, etc. Also it represents a service model by being an online book seller and later different items seller to help customers to find the right product they need. Also it provides a free shipping service. The 1-click process represents the process model which speeds up the ordering process, to…show more content…
In the current case study, Amazon started with establishing a website which sells books, magazines and newspapers. After a period of time, Amazon broke this stability stage with the creation of Kindle device which enable user to access to more than millions of books easily. Also, creating cloud computing services was a radical innovation which enables many users to access to its main network. Another side is using the web services such as 1-click, in purchasing, delivering and enabling customers to review about product they purchased and to put their recommendation to improve its website performance. This type of innovation enhances and promotes the reliability and accuracy of the provided products and services which make customers trust this website. This step accounts the increase in the number of users who are using

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