Current Chief Warrant Officer ( Cwo ) Eligibility Requirements

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1. Current Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) eligibility requirements allow E-6 applicants to compete for CWO. The eligibility requirements not only allow for the eligibility of an E-6, but loose standards for E-7, E-8, and E-9 exist as well. This allows for a nonstandard means of leadership opportunities and unequal qualification standards. Therefore, CWO requirements need to be changed. 2. IAW ref (a), E-6 applicants that placed in the top 50% of their perspective E-7 Service Wide Exam (SWE) and have a minimum of 8 years active service are eligible to compete for CWO appointment. By definition and again IAW ref (a), CWO’s are commissioned officers and must be “mature individuals with appropriate education and specialty experience” and “require strong leadership skills”. IAW ref (b) there is 118 CWO applicants above the cut to promote the CWO2 on 01 JUNE 2017. Of those 118, 9 are of the E-6 pay grade, and 4 more E-6’s are just one place below the cut and have a very good chance to promote to CWO. This adds up to approximately 7.6% - 10% of the new CWO workforce will be of the E-6 pay grade. Though some E-6s may have the technical skills required as per ref (a), the one week Leadership and Management School (LAMS) that many E-6‘s attended at sometimes the third class petty officer level does not lay the foundation of strong leadership that one would receive through attendance to the Chief Petty Officer Academy (CPOA). This means that the E-6 that is selected for CWO

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