Current Conditions And Desired Conditions

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Summary of Instructional Problem Current Conditions and Desired Conditions Current Conditions Second grade students at Opstad Elementary school in North Bend, Washington have shown a lower academic ability to read a story and retell the story with an accurate sequence of events and main details. When asked to read a story below grade level, the students can read it and retell the main events, but tend to leave out key details. When asked to read a grade level appropriate story, they can read it and retell parts of the story, but usually rearrange the sequence in some way or omit details. Desired Conditions The students should be able to read a grade level appropriate text and then retell the main events of the text, as well as any important details that accompany those events. If the students can perform this accurately eighty percent of the time, it will show improvement and understanding of the concept. Data Collection Processes Discussion of Data Collection Instruments Used When given a survey, the parents were asked several questions about their reading habits at home with their children. These questions included “how often do you read at home with your student”, “When reading, can your student respond to questions about the story”, “Does your child read chapter books quickly, but cannot recall the details of the story”, “How do you decide if your student is reading a book that is a good fit for them”, and “Are there ways that you believe reading comprehension can
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