Current Conditions And Desired Conditions

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Table of Contents
Discussion of Instructional Problem 3
Current Conditions and Desired Conditions 3
Data Collection Process 4
Discussion of Data Collection Instruments Used 4
Discussion of Sources of Data 5
Data Gathered Through Other Sources 6
Results of Data Analysis 6
Data Analysis Techniques Used 6
Results of Analysis 7
Table 1 7
Table 2 8
Table 3 9
Findings of Needs Analysis 10
Need for Instruction 10
Goal of Instruction 11
Appendix A: Student Pre-Assessment 13
Appendix B: Teacher Survey 16

Different Words: Same Meaning
Discussion of Instructional Problem American college students know research and essay writing is an inevitable aspect of their educational career. Gathering research based materials and paraphrasing this information can be daunting for some English speaking students. For college bound English as a Second Language (ESL) students this task of paraphrasing research sources and avoiding plagiarism while keeping the information as authentic and accurate as possible can be nearly impossible. Many ESL college students have yet to learn the techniques to correctly paraphrase the information they gather. Paraphrasing is an essential skill needed to compose a successful research essay. Restating research materials using one’s own words by using strategies such as rewording, using synonyms and sentence restructuring are techniques and skills required to paraphrase. These strategies have not been obtained to the standard that ESL students need to be
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